Angela Ruth photography 

Angela Ruth photography 

If you are anywhere near the Dayton oh area I highly recommend this wonderful photographer. Here is a glimpse at what she did for my family and I. Enjoy!

Also, please not that I found YET ANOTHEE use for that old picture frame. Creativity on a budget is the best!


Trying to Plan Family Photos

Trying to Plan Family Photos

I have dreaded family photos for so long. We have had the girls’ pictures taken a few times, but have never done family shots. I am far too insecure to be comfortable with another person having total control over my image. 

But everyone always tells me how my girls need pictures of us all together. I wouldn’t want them to look back and wonder why there’s so few pictures of me. You never know what can happen and you don’t want your children or family to forget your face, or worse… To not have a reminder of how happy your family was together. 

It was that thought that finally changed my mind. 

So we’ve been discussing doing family photos for about six months. And then some good friends of ours gave us a photo voucher for paisleys first birthday. It was perfect, we had no more excuses. 

So we are getting our photos done on Sunday and I’m a mix of emotions. I’m terrified because of my own insecurities, but excited to capture out amazing family chemistry so that we can hang it in our home and be constantly reminded of the love our family is based on. 

Oddly enough though, I’m also stressed about planning these outfits!  You can’t just use any color scheme because it’s fall. That means the background is going to be full of reds, oranges, and yellows. Those colors are SO EASY to clash with. And you don’t want to use only one color because then everyone will blend together and create a strange effect. 

But if you don’t match at all it just looks so hodgepodge. When people look at the pictures their eyes won’t know where to go. So that begs the question… With so much criteria, how do I pick a good scheme??

And furthermore, I don’t want to buy a whole new wardrobe for each of us, and I certainly don’t want to wear something that will make me feel heavy or homely. 

I’m thinking the color scheme will be denim, Browns, and whites. But stay tuned because I still have a couple technicalities to work out with that one!