Moms Have Selective Memory

Moms Have Selective Memory

When I look back on Paisley’s first year of life I remember when they placed her on my chest, I remember the magical connection caused by breast feeding, i remember how she looks at me and reaches out when she wants me to pick her up, and I remember the feeling I got the first time she waved, when she stood up, and the first time she played peek-a-boo.

What I don’t tend to remember very quickly  are all the times I wanted to pull my hair out because I couldn’t get her to latch.  The times she hits me when I say no or throws herself backwards because I take something away.  I never really think about all of the diaper blowouts and sleepless nights.  Or the stretch marks and the labor pains. Oh goodness, those labor pains.

That all makes it so easy for me to utter scream the phrase, “I want another baby.. LIKE NOW.”  Its like when you look at your baby, that beautiful baby, none of the bad stuff seems so bad.  But I have to keep those thoughts in check.

If I don’t keep those thought in check then I’ll wind up barefoot and pregnant pretty much nonstop for the next like 10 years, and my logical side knows I can’t handle that,.

My brain knows that the next time I have a baby I’ll be complaining about back pain and sciatica and the idea of having to fund another mouth to feed.  I know that there will be times when the next one tries my patience, and when all three kids are trying it all at once.

But my heart, my heart knows I’ll be over it about ten minutes after I see their face.  I’ll be over it when they kiss me after they hit me because I said no, I’ll be over it when I look at them and know… that I made that.  That WE made that.

For now I have to drown out the motherly instincts, the emotions, the hormones that make me want another one.  For now I have to trade all of those things for logic.  But someday, someday I’ll be that kind of miserable again, and I can’t wait!

Pantry meal: ham is a mom’s best friend. 

Pantry meal: ham is a mom’s best friend. 

Lets just first acknowledge that my food pictures are never going to look as good as the perfect moms with their clean stoves and their lack of wine in the background.

I am not perfect. I don’t have time to grocery shop every day, I usually forget ingredients when I plan the week’s meals, and more often than not I’m trying to cut corners to save money.

So at least once a week I make a pantry meal. The intention behind a pantry meal is that in an effort to save time and money, you find random ingredients in your kitchen and combine them to make a meal.

Or as mr. F tells me “you love to just throw stuff into a bowl.”   And while there are some misses, usually he loves the end product, and that says a lot considering how picky he is.

Anyway, this week I made a 7 pound honey ham. And it was delicious. And by made I mean it was precooked so I mixed the glaze and warned it all up in the oven. I made the ham into a meal as I always do, but the best part is that it provided meat for sandwiches for the week

Well scratch that the best part was then at the end of the week I use the remaining meat to make a pantry meal turned out to be one of the best I’ve made yet.

Pantry meals allow you to improvise so you never have to run to the store and spend extra money!!!

I boiled 2 cans of chicken broth and one can of cream of mushroom soup in a medium sized skillet. 

Once boiled I stirred in 3 cups of white rice and removed from heat. 


I usually season to taste, but I mixed In a little oniom powder, about 1cup of Colby jack shredded cheese, about 1/3 a cup of grated parmesean cheese, and a dash of season salt. 

Then I put in about a cup and a half of chopped ham! 


 I put the whole mixture into a casserole dish and sprinkled Colby jack on top to cover. 

Placed the whole thing in the over for about 20 minutes at 400 degrees. 


And voila! It was delicious, so easy, and helped us to eat off of our ham FOR DAYS. 

that’s how you save money. 

Dear less than perfect daughter(s)

Dear less than perfect daughter(s)

You are not perfect. You will make mistakes and I will let you. I will not constantly tell you that you’re better than everyone else, smarter than everyone else, or more perfect. I will not harm you by making you think that life is just that easy and that you are superior. 

I will however, tell you the truth. The truth is, that while you are not perfect, you are enough. You will always be enough. Don’t wonder if you deserve happiness or if you make your parents proud. Don’t worry if you’re thin enough or if you accomplish things at the speed of everyone else. 

Worry only that your heart is true, your smile is genuine, and your intentions are kind.

As a parent I am meant to be bias. My girls are without a doubt special. But that doesn’t mean that someone will never get a better grade or run faster than you will. And that is O.K. That gives you something to strive for, to hope for, and to achieve with pride.

So I pray that you are never perfect, because then life would be boring. 

Trying to Plan Family Photos

Trying to Plan Family Photos

I have dreaded family photos for so long. We have had the girls’ pictures taken a few times, but have never done family shots. I am far too insecure to be comfortable with another person having total control over my image. 

But everyone always tells me how my girls need pictures of us all together. I wouldn’t want them to look back and wonder why there’s so few pictures of me. You never know what can happen and you don’t want your children or family to forget your face, or worse… To not have a reminder of how happy your family was together. 

It was that thought that finally changed my mind. 

So we’ve been discussing doing family photos for about six months. And then some good friends of ours gave us a photo voucher for paisleys first birthday. It was perfect, we had no more excuses. 

So we are getting our photos done on Sunday and I’m a mix of emotions. I’m terrified because of my own insecurities, but excited to capture out amazing family chemistry so that we can hang it in our home and be constantly reminded of the love our family is based on. 

Oddly enough though, I’m also stressed about planning these outfits!  You can’t just use any color scheme because it’s fall. That means the background is going to be full of reds, oranges, and yellows. Those colors are SO EASY to clash with. And you don’t want to use only one color because then everyone will blend together and create a strange effect. 

But if you don’t match at all it just looks so hodgepodge. When people look at the pictures their eyes won’t know where to go. So that begs the question… With so much criteria, how do I pick a good scheme??

And furthermore, I don’t want to buy a whole new wardrobe for each of us, and I certainly don’t want to wear something that will make me feel heavy or homely. 

I’m thinking the color scheme will be denim, Browns, and whites. But stay tuned because I still have a couple technicalities to work out with that one! 

I’m the Queen Bee (photo story of our Halloween)

I’m the Queen Bee (photo story of our Halloween)

I get a little carried away with buying things early. Christmas, birthdays, everything is too exciting to wait, and if I find a good deal on it I DEFINITELY can’t resist. So that’s how I found p’s Halloween costume. 

I was strolling through this super awesome “mom sale” and there it was… Brand new in the package and only $5. It was a cute little bumblee bee costume with a frilly tutu skirt and a whole lot of sass. Knowing I was getting a steal I snatched it up. 

I was proud until I got home and B reminded me that we were supposed to do family costumes. I knew I was too deep to get out now so that’s when I started shopping, crafting, and mix matching to make the best costumes I could. 

I thought our little bees were adorable and even though Mr F only wore the hat I made him for an hour, it was well worth it. 


Original Recipe for Chex Fried Chicken

Original Recipe for Chex Fried Chicken

This recipe is delicious, and gluten free.  But for those of you without a gluten intolerance, please don’t let that scare you off.  Even Mr. F LOVES this one.

Personally back before my life was ruined and I was forbidden from eating 90% of delicious foods (yes, I’m a little over dramatic), one of my favorite, yet terribly unhealthy, recipes was Captain Crunch friend chicken.  It is DELICIOUS.  And when I cut gluten out of my diet one of my favorite dishes, and everyone else’s favorite, was fried chicken prepared with gluten free flour and a gluten free seasoning mix that I used in place of bread crumbs.  I decided the other day that I was going to combine these two ideas and use one of the only cereals I can have… Chex!

Now I am aware that this is not a totally new idea.  However, I didn’t Google or do any other research into it until after I made my own version.  I wanted to try it, with absolutely no recipe to reference or fall back on.  I figured that if it failed I’d at least have a good story to share with my readers.

But it was a success!!! So now I’m going to share with you this recipe that came completely out of my head.  Try if you dare 🙂


2 tsp of cinnamon

4 tablespoons of granulate sugar

3 cups of Corn Chex cereal

3 pounds of thawed raw chicken breast

2 cups of gluten free (or regular) flour

3 eggs

3 cups Vegetable oil (for frying)
First I recommend cutting the chicken into thin tenders, no matter how you cut them it will work but keep in mind the thicker the chicken the longer it will take to cook and the more unsure you are that it’s cooked all the way. 

Next poor the flour in one shallow bowl, crack the eggs and mix them in the second shallow bowl, and pour the FINELY crunched Corn Chex into the third shallow bowl. 

Now mix half of the sugar and half of the cinnamon into the finely crushed Chex cereal. Be careful or it will all sink to the bottom when you mix it. 

Now you are prepped and its the time to poor the oil into a stove top skillet and start to watch it heat up so that we can start the cooking. 

First coat the chicken ((PIECE BY PIECE)) in the flour ((coat completely in each bowl)), then the egg, then the Chex mixture. Repeat until every piece of chicken is coated ENTIRELY in Chex. 

Once the oil is hot ((which you can test by throwing some of the Chex crumbs into the oil and seeing if they simmer)) place the chicken in the skillet. Let it heat until it is browned on each side and remove it to a casserole dish. Make sure that the dish you use has enough room to lay all of the chicken in flat so it cooks evenly. Repeat for every chicken tender.

Before you put the chicken into the oven use the remaining cinnamon and sugar to sprinkle across the top to be sure the chicken gets maximum flavor. That sweet and salty pairing is just perfect!

Place the dish with the chicken into the oven at 375• for about a 35 minutes, but please check the center of a piece before consuming. 

Now pair with some veggies and a side of your choosing and VOILA!! ((I chose fresh green beans seasoned and browned In a skillet and gluten free mashed potatoes)). 



We dance hard, often, but not well

We dance hard, often, but not well

Thanks to a new blog buddy over at “Pieces and Parts” for helping spark the inspiration for this post.

I like to consider myself somewhat of a free spirit.  Well, that’s one side to me at least.  I definitely stress more than the average bear, and spend a lot of time balancing check books and crying over things that will probably never matter. 

But this other side to me loves to sing at the top of my lungs, run around, jump up and down, and most of all dance like no one is watching.  We were in North Carolina a few weeks ago and I can’t tell you how much time I spent by the pool just dancing.  Dancing to the 70s music my mom picked, the hip hop my brother chose, and the country that my boyfriend tended to lean towards. At a few points I even danced by the ocean just to the sound of the waves and the feel of the wind.

Some may think I sound crazy, or over eccentric maybe.  I think I just love music, feeling free, and embracing my surroundings.  Whatever you’re personal opinion, the one thing you can’t deny is that its good for my daughter.

I know that it is good for Sweet P every single time a commercial jingle comes on.  She stops what she is doing, sits straight up, and begins turning her head back and forth vigorously with the most fantastic smile I’ve ever seen.  She starts moving her hands in the strangest motions, and when the music ends its as if a spell has been broken, she is instantly back to whatever she was previously doing.

It is beautiful.  Its like the music just takes over her body, she lives in that moment.

When we watch Dancing With The Stars she has the same reaction, often times adding a bounce that takes over her entire body.  She loves music.  She loves it more than any toy she owns.

And she loves dancing with me.  When I clean the house I turn the bluetooth speaker on and she is more often than not entertained, and when I come to a point in my chores where I have clean hands and a spare few moments, I scoop her up and we dance.  We dance as if we were ballroom finalists.  And she is as happy as if it were Christmas morning.

If I could have picked just one thing before she was born, just one piece of me for her to carry with her in her heart, it would be my love of music.  Well, she got it.

And so, we may not dance well and we may never make it a regular public occurence, but we dance hard and we dance often.  And it makes a world of difference in our hearts, because we don’t care what people think.

I am someone’s mother and I will dance in any way I please.  I will dance for Mr. F, I will dance with my friends at a wedding, and I will slow dance with our girls to the songs that mean the most to us, because those are the moments that they will always remember.