Hey Mommy Friends!

Hey Mommy Friends!

Im trying to do BIG things on my blog, The goal is to throw out that image of the “perfect mom” and the pressure that goes with it.  I discuss everything from babies to bargains.  I talk deep emotional issues and even recipes.  Sometimes I even write as I think, which can get PRETTY SCARY!  Either way, if you could stop by the new(ish) home for my blog at http://www.madidoesmotherhood.com I would greatly appreciate it.  If you’re skeptical I understand, but I will try not to let you down.  Also the link below is my facebook page I just started recently so If you could go there and like I’d be grateful!!

I’m not doing this for attention, I’m doing this to bring moms, AND PEOPLE in general, together.  Much love!



5 thoughts on “Hey Mommy Friends!

    1. yes! and no.I own my domain name now, but I still use the wordpress software design. I love having complete freedom of my site and people take you much more seriously, but I’m having problems getting all my followers to come along with me! I also am having a really rough time with facebook! for some reason Ive got a lot of daily blog views, but only lik 83 facebook likes!

      haha oh well, its the writing that matters, right? 🙂

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      1. Best of luck to you! I made the ghastly mistake of getting my domain name through WordPress so I’m currently battling it out with trying to switch it over to a different site, are you having any luck getting your followers over to your new site?


      2. I got mine through godaddy! they are fantstic. They offer the ability to use the wordpress software as a website builder. I have my followers, but it isnt as easy as clicking “follow” like it is before you own your domain. Subscribing requires clicking a button then entering your name and email so people just dont realize its even an option. I get the readers, but im having issues getting the facebook likes! I hope you win your battle :/ I still love your page 🙂

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      3. Try doing guest posts like through major mommy blogs like scary mommy that have a huge following they pay you to do guest posts and they up your Facebook following for free. It’s also a way to advertise your website and Facebook page for free and earn some free cash while writing about what you love. Mommy-blogging is your thing why not earn some extra cash for it, there are other blogs you can write for too. Or you can use a post you have already written to repost as a guest post to up your following. Just some friendly advice 😀💕. Also, thanks for the love!

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