A letter to parents who don’t prevent abuse 

A letter to parents who don’t prevent abuse 

As some of you may or may not have heard, a two year old girl in my area was beaten by her mother’s boyfriend. She was rushed to the hospital where she was pronounced brain dead after 24 hours and multiple tests. I did not know her or her family, but we do have mutual friends. This is my letter to her mother who allegedly “permitted” the abuse. I am not here to make up rumors, this letter is based solely on what I’ve heard and read. This is a letter to all parents who allow their children to be hurt. 

Please let me also preface this by saying that this is not to parents whose children are unknowingly injured. This is for the special kind of terrible person who sees it, turns the other way for it, or worse… Encourages it.  

Dear mom/ dad,

I want to tell you two very important things. 1. I am sorry. And 2. I know that being a parent is hard.

Now let’s dive further into those points

1. I am so sorry that God gifted you with such a beautiful baby, because you did not deserve Them. I am sorry that you hold your own “happiness” and desires above the safety of your child. I am sorry that there are so many people out there dying to have children when they can’t, while people like you take the job, no the GIFT, of parenting completely for granted. 
2. Parenting is definitely hard. Making sure that they listen and learn and advance properly is hard. Making sure that they make the right decisions and become the best versions of themselves… That’s hard. What shouldn’t be hard is keeping them alive and safe from harm WITHIN THEIR OWN HOME.  What shouldn’t be hard is not allowing someone to lay their hands on your baby while you are home. It shouldn’t be hard to tell the truth on the 911 call so that maybe you can save their life. 

You had ONE JOB. You had THE MOST IMPORTANT JOB. You had the job of caring for an INNOCENT. 


I hope I speak for every mom out there who held their baby extra tight and cried at the thought of losing them. 


4 thoughts on “A letter to parents who don’t prevent abuse 

  1. This literally hurts my heart to read this, and you’re so right. SO RIGHT. What is happening to mothers? To this world? I would never let anything happen to my children. I would NEVER leave them in a car unattended, or at home, or abuse them in any way, and as a matter of fact, I would be willing & able to end someone’s life if they ever tried to hurt my babies. End of Story. Great post! ❤


  2. Every mom AND every dad. What gets lost in this story, and what really destroyed me as a father, is that there is a daddy out there who, through no fault of his own, had to watch his little girl die. He was the one who was there for her in the hospital. He was the one who kissed her forehead as she left this world. And all because of who his ex chose to allow into her bed and into her home. We are, as a society, sometime too quick to just grant custody to mothers when fathers are sometimes clearly the better choice. There are a lot of dads who aren’t perfect, but the bad fathers tend to leave and never be heard from again. The active fathers lose out on so much in a break up or a divorce, and that is really sad. It’s even sadder when something like this happens. Seeing this story unfold, it really made me break down.


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