Dear less than perfect daughter(s)

Dear less than perfect daughter(s)

You are not perfect. You will make mistakes and I will let you. I will not constantly tell you that you’re better than everyone else, smarter than everyone else, or more perfect. I will not harm you by making you think that life is just that easy and that you are superior. 

I will however, tell you the truth. The truth is, that while you are not perfect, you are enough. You will always be enough. Don’t wonder if you deserve happiness or if you make your parents proud. Don’t worry if you’re thin enough or if you accomplish things at the speed of everyone else. 

Worry only that your heart is true, your smile is genuine, and your intentions are kind.

As a parent I am meant to be bias. My girls are without a doubt special. But that doesn’t mean that someone will never get a better grade or run faster than you will. And that is O.K. That gives you something to strive for, to hope for, and to achieve with pride.

So I pray that you are never perfect, because then life would be boring. 


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