Original Recipe for Chex Fried Chicken

Original Recipe for Chex Fried Chicken

This recipe is delicious, and gluten free.  But for those of you without a gluten intolerance, please don’t let that scare you off.  Even Mr. F LOVES this one.

Personally back before my life was ruined and I was forbidden from eating 90% of delicious foods (yes, I’m a little over dramatic), one of my favorite, yet terribly unhealthy, recipes was Captain Crunch friend chicken.  It is DELICIOUS.  And when I cut gluten out of my diet one of my favorite dishes, and everyone else’s favorite, was fried chicken prepared with gluten free flour and a gluten free seasoning mix that I used in place of bread crumbs.  I decided the other day that I was going to combine these two ideas and use one of the only cereals I can have… Chex!

Now I am aware that this is not a totally new idea.  However, I didn’t Google or do any other research into it until after I made my own version.  I wanted to try it, with absolutely no recipe to reference or fall back on.  I figured that if it failed I’d at least have a good story to share with my readers.

But it was a success!!! So now I’m going to share with you this recipe that came completely out of my head.  Try if you dare 🙂


2 tsp of cinnamon

4 tablespoons of granulate sugar

3 cups of Corn Chex cereal

3 pounds of thawed raw chicken breast

2 cups of gluten free (or regular) flour

3 eggs

3 cups Vegetable oil (for frying)
First I recommend cutting the chicken into thin tenders, no matter how you cut them it will work but keep in mind the thicker the chicken the longer it will take to cook and the more unsure you are that it’s cooked all the way. 

Next poor the flour in one shallow bowl, crack the eggs and mix them in the second shallow bowl, and pour the FINELY crunched Corn Chex into the third shallow bowl. 

Now mix half of the sugar and half of the cinnamon into the finely crushed Chex cereal. Be careful or it will all sink to the bottom when you mix it. 

Now you are prepped and its the time to poor the oil into a stove top skillet and start to watch it heat up so that we can start the cooking. 

First coat the chicken ((PIECE BY PIECE)) in the flour ((coat completely in each bowl)), then the egg, then the Chex mixture. Repeat until every piece of chicken is coated ENTIRELY in Chex. 

Once the oil is hot ((which you can test by throwing some of the Chex crumbs into the oil and seeing if they simmer)) place the chicken in the skillet. Let it heat until it is browned on each side and remove it to a casserole dish. Make sure that the dish you use has enough room to lay all of the chicken in flat so it cooks evenly. Repeat for every chicken tender.

Before you put the chicken into the oven use the remaining cinnamon and sugar to sprinkle across the top to be sure the chicken gets maximum flavor. That sweet and salty pairing is just perfect!

Place the dish with the chicken into the oven at 375• for about a 35 minutes, but please check the center of a piece before consuming. 

Now pair with some veggies and a side of your choosing and VOILA!! ((I chose fresh green beans seasoned and browned In a skillet and gluten free mashed potatoes)). 




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