Beach in a jar 

Beach in a jar 

so how could you want to leave this??  

And how could you not want to at least take a peice of it with you??

Souvenirs are so expensive. Most of the time they get lost. And how often do your kids actually pick out a souvenir that commemorates your vacation and not just some toy you can buy anywhere?? 

Well we did let B pick out some actual souvenirs to buy, but surprisingly her favorite was the beach In a jar.  It worked out amazingly for nice sentimental gifts for loved ones also. 

We washed some baby food jars we had saved (super cheap, and if you have a baby they are super thrifty since you need them anyway), and collected some sand and shells to put inside them. We removed the labels and the kids had a Blast creating some heartfelt gifts for our loved ones who couldn’t be with us on our trip. 

For the kids’ souvenirs we packed up a ton of sand In a giant container and packed some shells that we were in love with. We will be buying glass containers (that I found at the dollar tree) and layering the shells and sand when we get home. This eliminates the mess of keeping track of several containers, some of which may not have lids. 

This was so fun because B really felt like she was creating something and it truly will remind her of this trip for years. 

And we had spent SO MUCH TIME COLLECTING SEA SHELLS. almost every day we took the kids out and let them look for the best and most unique specimens. We ended up with far more shells than we had a use for, so it was nice for us to sort through for the most special shells to bring home or to give to our loved ones.  



3 thoughts on “Beach in a jar 

  1. Great job! I have actually done this as well! You can also do it with river rocks too, which is cute if you live by a lake or have visited one:) I didn’t mix my seashells with sand but it looks very good! Great idea to put them in baby jars too!

    Anyone Can Craft


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