One year ago my baby came home… Again

One year ago my baby came home… Again

Sorry I haven’t written in a couple days, we’ve been busy soaking in paradise. But more on that later. 

I just realiZed that one year ago today we brought our baby home from the NICU. The second happiest day of my life. 

First let me say that the nurses and staff in the NICU were real life Angels. 

Spending a few days in the NICU was terrifying, angering, but mostly humbling. My baby was sick, her temperature was low and getting lower, her skin was orange, and the hospital i delivered at didn’t record the horrors of her delivery. So when she went to the doctor the day after we left the hospital, as a condition of her release, the pediatriction couldn’t believe the story I was telling. But she knew something had happened because this was not a healthy baby. 

So we took our baby who was so jaundice that she was actually comatose to the NICU. I was a wreck. This meant more time in the hospital and a baby who wiuld barely move or even cry. You could take a rectal temperature and she wouldn’t even react. 

JAUNDICE. I always thought all that was was a fairly normal thing that just affected their skin color. I was so wrong. This was so different. 

Her temperature was dangerously low and getting lower. Once we got the pediatrician to believe what we told her about how sick I was during delivery, she told us that the baby had likely contracted my infection and that ah shouldn’t have been discharged at all. 

This also meant days of sleeping in an uncomfortable recliner and watching a monitor that tracked my baby’s vitals while she was hooked to a million wires 

But the worst part was seeing the other babies and families. I was scared but I knew my baby would be fine. But the baby catty corner from us had a stomach outside of her body. There was a baby that had been there months and months. So much heartache. Suddenly I realized just how lucky we were. 

I still pray for those babies, their families, and every family who has to go through similar heartache. 

and today I will be thankful that I have my healthy happy baby in my arms, and that one year ago they said she could come home for good.  



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