Sweet P, Apple of My Eye. (with pictures)

Sweet P, Apple of My Eye. (with pictures)

One year ago sweet baby P came into this world and changed it for me forever.  At 12:20 am after 26 hours and a whole lot of panic P entered and everything felt right.  I don’t feel like I’m old enough, or responsible enough, to be someone’s mom most days.  But I guess I’m learning.  After all, I’ve got to take care of Mr. F and B too.  So basically I have 3 kids.

I’m sure everyone is tired of hearing the details of the story so today we will take a break and do an update.


This is my P.  The left is in the hospital and the right is last month.  Isn’t she breathtaking?  So basically she was born and then POOF one day she just got big.  I’m not entirely sure when it happened, I must have blinked or something.  I’m going to try and tape my eyelids open or else the next time I blink she will be dating..  Although, I’m pretty sure Mr. F will never allow that.

P has 12 teeth…. 12! Isn’t that crazy?  She’s basically Jaws.  She can say “Mom,” “Daddy,” “Sizzy (sister),” and “bear.”  She loves to ask, “what’s that,” and there’s tons of other noises she makes when she’s trying to talk, but those are the words she actually grasps well.

She understands SO much.  When I tell her “no!” her reaction is priceless, and when she is petting the cat if you say “easy,” she instantly calms down (unless she’s in the mood for a tantrum).  She rubs her hands together at the SIGHT OF a soap pump, and she imitates almost anything you do.  She loves to blow raspberries and imitates sounds she hears you make.

Her favorite foods include bananas. eggs, chicken, and ice cream, but we actually haven’t found a single food so far that she won’t eat.  And yes, I said ice cream.  You judgmental people can keep to yourself because my child is happy and healthy and eats a balanced diet, but darn tootin’ I am going to let her enjoy life with a little bit of ice cream.  By the way, don’t try and feed her, she wants no part in it.  She can do it by herself.

Her absolute favorite thing to drink is water.  Give her an option and she will always chose water.  I won’t complain if she doesn’t want those sugary juices.  If she wanted them she could have them, but she doesn’t so I’ll just be thankful.

Shes been sleeping through the night since 2 months old.  She still consistently sleeps 10-12 hours.  And when shes awake shes just about as pleasant as pleasant can be.  I may be bias, but you can ask anyone.  Go ahead….ask!

Her favorite toy is the build-a-bear her sister made her before she was born.  She will give it kisses all day.  She can stand, and she CAN walk behind her push toy, but it still scares her some so it just depends what mood shes in.  Part of me thinks that since she crawls so fast she just doesn’t see the point in learning a new mode of transportation.

She is still only at about 19 pounds and about 28 inches, 90% for height and 25% for weight.

Long story short, I’m in love.

Here are some more pictures from her birth for you to enjoy 🙂



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