Day 2 of the Most Amazing Journey

Day 2 of the Most Amazing Journey

This is the real “meat” of the story.  The day that everything unraveled, and the day that it all went to hell.  A hell that I wouldn’t trade for anything because it ended with my beautiful baby.

One year ago we arrived at the hospital between 7 and 8 am.  One year ago Mr. F parked in the parking garage and we walked into the hospital doors as two, knowing we would leave as three.  One year ago I stopped as we were walking because I couldn’t walk through my contractions.  I then looked at my amazing boyfriend and slapped him on the back because I realized he should have dropped me off at the door!  Luckily we both have a sense of humor.

Anyways, we went into the hospital and waited and waited to find out if they were even going to admit me into labor and delivery.  Thank goodness they did because I was in tears at the thought of having to go home in this kind of pain and just wait it out.

They sent me upstairs to walk.  So walk is what I did.  Mr F, my mom, and I walked as much as I could, stopping every few minutes so I could ride out a contraction.  We walked until they told us it was time to check and see if it had helped, it didn’t.  So now it was time for petocin.  Good lord did that speed up the contractions, and now i was really starting to feel the pain.  Thats when the tears started, with every contraction came a set of crocodile tears and my good attitude was starting to get ruined.

Epidural! I am in no way going to apologize for getting an epidural, they are magical.  I have a high pain threshold but not high enough to do a natural birth.  Although, the events that transpired over the next twelve hours meant that I didn’t have the pleasure of enjoying a pain free child birth even with the epidural.

For several hours I was happy.  I joked with Mr F, my mom, my sister in laws, and my mother in law.  I was snarky and sarcastic and hilarious as I always am.  🙂

Those several hours were the calm before the storm.  I remember a few of my friends showing up, and as I attempted to speak to them I began screaming in pain.  All of a sudden I had severe pain in my back, terrible nausea, and horrid hot and and cold spells.  It came out of no where, but it came on bad.

I remember that my fever kept fluctuating but at one point it was above a 104.  They were having issues finding her heart beat on and off.  I was so disoriented from the fever that I barely understood what was happening.  I remember waking up (sort of) from a nap and hearing my mom telling everyone that they should all leave the room, that Mr. F and I needed to be alone.  Thats when I started to get scared.  I looked at Mr. F and begged him not to leave my side no matter what.  Then I fell back asleep.

This time when I woke up I saw Mr. F walking back into the room.  He had left?? But he promised! Something wasn’t right.  

I looked over at him and I said “I’m sorry for making you worried.” And he replied, “I’m not worried.”  I could tell that that was a lie.  Something in his eyes said different, but I was dozing out again.

I later found out that it was at this point that he had been told that they weren’t sure what was going to happen.  I had a bad infection and that infection had transferred to the baby and she was going to the NICU.

The next time I woke up my nurses were telling me that it was time for a second epidural.  “But wait, you said if I have a second epidural I won’t be able to push,” I cried.  Their response, “We will check you one more time.”  By some miracle after 25 hours of labor I was finally at 10 centimeters and that’s when they revealed that the plan was to give me an emergency c-section.  “This baby needs to come out now,” they told me.  So I started pushing while they had someone else call my doctor.

So in came the NICU team.

As I’m sure is completely normal I started panicking.  I told Mr. F I couldn’t do it, to which he replied, “Madi you don’t have much of a choice at this point.”  He held my hand, my mom held my leg, and his mom held my other leg, while my sister in laws stood at the end of the bed and watched the miracle that is child birth.

P came at 12:20am on October 8th.  The nurses lied about my temperature and the infection on my paper work to try and keep P from going to the NICU.  I thought that they were doing me a favor but since we ended up back in the NICU the day after we left the hospital, I wish that they would have told the truth.  The infection was a result of the way and the time that they had broken my water, and then they lied about it on the paperwork.

P went to the nursery instead because they were calling her heartbeat irregular.  But she was back in my arms only hours later.

She was fine.

Like I said she ended up in the NICU later and that was terrifying, but that’s a post for another time, and the whole time once she was out we knew that she would be ok, we knew that we were lucky.


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