The Most Fun Pinterest Fail Ever (And how to make it better)

The Most Fun Pinterest Fail Ever (And how to make it better)


One winter we made paints for the bathroom walls! It seemed like the perfect winter craft.  The kids get to wear swim suits and play when it was too cold to go outside.

To do this we used shaving cream and food coloring... supplies that most people have on hand at all times.  It was a blast! It washes right off the tiles and you can mix the paints together to work on learning primary and secondary colors.

Now here is the fail part… while it washed right off of the walls and tub, it stained the grout and our hands!

My advice is to DEFINITELY try this with your kids, but keep it in the tub and use gloves or a brush to do the painting.  I recommend using rubber gloves because painting with brushes is way less fun.  IF you’re brave you can just use your fingers, it will eventually come off, but definitely keep it off the grout!

This was one of the most fun family crafts we’ve done by far, but as I’ve learned many times… it doesn’t always turn out like the pictures on pinterest. 


3 thoughts on “The Most Fun Pinterest Fail Ever (And how to make it better)

  1. Was there a certain colour that stained more? My experience with blue food colouring has been horrible! 😛 I use gloves when handling food colouring or use the stained hands a great visual lesson in handwashing 😛


    1. We did a similar thing with the stained hands! Used them to be sure she learned that washing your hands is not just adding some water and a dash of soap for five seconds and calling it a day. Also being sure she was washing them by the amount it was fading. She loved it! We actually had terrible luck with the red coloring as well!

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      1. It’s always great to find fun ways to teach little ones about hand washing. I found it was even a lesson for me to remember to wash my hands more throughout the day. I’m sure many of us slack on it 😛


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