The Other Kind of Little Black Book

The Other Kind of Little Black Book

Some days I feel like we are drowning.  Mr F hates when I tell people that, but I think its good for people to know that they aren’t alone.  Two kids, a first birthday party on the horizon, vacation, bills, and Christmas not long after that… it can be overwhelming.  

I try and think, “but we are so lucky we even get to go on vacation,” and this is SO true, but it doesn’t keep me from stressing over everything else.  And that is where I find comfort in my other kind of little black book, the one that I budget in.

I have every single pay day for Mr. F and I written down through the end of the year.  Below the date and the amount of money that our pay checks should equal, I list how much money needs to be allocated to each bill, savings account, etc.  I started this system a little over a month ago and so far I have managed to stick to the budget almost 100%.  So naturally today when I started stressing about how harmful a week off of work for each of us would be to our wallets, I needed something to make me feel better.  That’s when the “little black book” came out and I finished the year, taking into account the weeks where our checks would be lower because of vacation, holidays, etc.  Now that I’ve seen that we can make the money we have saved, plus the money we will make work, while also saving for Christmas gifts and paying off the credit card, I feel SO much better.

Budgeting is actually so relaxing.

I even went as far as to allocate how much money we needed to spend on the Christmas gifts we still have to buy.

Unforeseen circumstances so each week I try to underestimate the amount of money we will bring home so that we always have a little extra on top of the money I sent aside for miscellaneous and spending.  Its always good to have a little buffer so that following the budget really is doable and practical.  


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