Better Be On Your Breast Behavior

Better Be On Your Breast Behavior

This is an excerpt from a previous post I wrote a few years ago with additional thoughts at the end.

“Yes, I said breast.

I’m watching a series of short films called Five, you should check it out.  Short films aren’t usually my thing, but when somethings good you don’t just discriminate because it isnt “usually your thing.”

These short films are about breast cancer, and since October is breast cancer awareness month, I figured I’d give talking about it a shot.  After all, raising awareness of the issue can’t happen if people are afraid to discuss it.

So much of a woman’s sensuality, beauty, and self image lays in their breasts.  So what happens if they have to be cut out?  Why is it that a procedure that can save your life is the same procedure that so many women are afraid to have or even decide not to have it?  Its all because women are afraid to lose something that society tells them makes them a woman?

I’m a woman, breasts or not.  But would it be so easy to say that if I had to remove them?

This post is designed to highlight what is wrong with the way both women and men value a woman’s breasts, but it is also designed to bring up the serious issue of breast cancer.

Your health is more important than your pride, your self esteem, or any man who won’t love you without your breasts.  Get checked.  Take every necessary precaution. Help others.

“I have the ability to affect the quality of my life, and I should.” -Demi Moore

And remember, there are so many ways for you to reach out to someone else who needs your help, and remember there are so many different forms of cancer, this is just one of the many demons that people face every day”

I actually wrote the above blog post a few years ago on a private blog.  I decided to bring it back in honor of breast cancer awareness month which begins on Thursday.

I also decided to bring it to the public because breasts have an entirely new meaning to me now that I am a mother.

Breasts mean nutrients for my baby, and a connection that can never be compared to anything else.

But that is another topic for another time, breasts are still not as important as your life, and do not let anyone shame you into thinking otherwise... ever.


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