I am not “Gluten Free,” but no, I do not want a bun on that.

I am not “Gluten Free,” but no, I do not want a bun on that.

I do not eat gluten.  But what my boyfriend has drilled into my head is that I cannot say that I am “gluten free” when I go into a restaurant or even to a large gathering.

“Gluten free” is the phrase associated with people who choose not to eat gluten, whether it be for health reasons, or because it seems to be the new trend.  I am “gluten intolerant.”

I am in no way putting down people who make the choice not to eat gluten, but there is a difference.  While everyone’s eating preferences should be respected and followed, people who have a food allergy or aversion that affects their health need to have theirs respected and followed.

When people think that you are making a choice not to eat something they tend to ignore it, I’ve even had people lie to me about whats in a product just so that they don’t have to look it up.  Luckily we live in a world of technology and I can usually look up what I can and can’t have at most restaurants, but every once in a while if I’m in a mom and pop type place I have to ask.  The thing is, if you don’t know and its something no one has ever discussed with them, then just say that so that someone doesn’t risk eating something that will make them sick.

With all that being said, restaurants in general seem to do an amazing job at catering to people’s allergies and aversions.  Places like Chipotle have an almost entirely gluten free menu (excluding only their flour tortillas), and places like Taco Bell have a database where you can input your specific food aversions and it will generate a menu for you.

I keep thinking that some day I will ease gluten back into my diet, but every time I try to have a sandwich with bread or ice cream with cookie dough, I seem to get sick.

I will put a lot of recipes on here in the days to come, and I will try to tell you how to alter them to be gluten free, or if they already are gluten free I will tell you how you can substitute ingredients.  


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