I Started Christmas Shopping in July

I Started Christmas Shopping in July

I sound like a nut job, but I started Christmas shopping in July so that we can save money around the holidays.

The problem is that now I  am so excited about everything we’ve bought that I just want to tell everyone all about it.  I feel like we’ve really nailed the gift giving so far this year.  And by we’ve I obviously mean I’ve because we all know that he’s not the one doing the planning, or being this thoughtful.

I want to give Brailyn everything I’ve bought for her, and on top of it I keep forgetting where I’ve put half of it.

I hope she doesn’t find it before I do 

Its so funny how much time and effort I put into planning the perfect Christmas.  I’m really like that for every holiday.  But all of this planning and preparation to make it perfect and its all over so quick.

Oh well, its almost October so I’m just going to focus on the hayrides, pumpkin patches, scary movies, and Halloween for now.  I can smell fall in the air. 


3 thoughts on “I Started Christmas Shopping in July

  1. I’ve always started buying Christmas gifts super early so I can spread the financial hit throughout the months. But I’ve noticed the older my son gets, the better my hiding places get. I usually find all of them by Jan or Feb. This January, I’m opening a separate saving account just for Christmas. I’ll add to it every month, and then I can pay cash for everything when it’s closer to Christmas time. It sounds good in theory, so we’ll see how it goes.

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