Small Touches That Make a Big Difference (With Pics)

Small Touches That Make a Big Difference (With Pics)

We recently moved into a new place. We are hoping to buy a house next year but in the mean time we moved into a town home. Its the first time we’ve lived in an apartment and the downsizing has forced us to get creative with how we decorate.  If we put out all of our decoration it almost looks cluttered, and since this is only a temporary home I don’t want to do anything major like paint it.

So how do we make it look our own?

Without spending much money or taking too much time, because time is the last thing that I have.

I’ve recently discovered my absolute favorite small touch that makes a world of difference… picture frames! Yes, we have actual frames and collages on our walls which always adds some creativity, but whats even better are the old wooden frames I found in my grandma’s garage.

When we first saw them we though, photo props, but then I realized they can be so much more.  I hung a small wooden heart sign on the wall and just hung a small wooden frame around it.  Without the frame the sign would have looked too small and out of place, but the sign gives it the clean lines and bulk it needed.

Similarly I hung a larger frame around two of our custom wooden signs.  The signs themselves would have looked simply ok on the wall, but the frame adds cohesion and since the overall theme of our decor seems to be fairly rustic, the aged wooden frames are a perfect addition.

Extra Hint: I also love that I can easily pull the frames from the wall to use as props in our family photo shoots.

This is a cheap, if not free, way to decorate.

And if you’re looking for something more modern, try simply painting the frames all black or silver.  Or even an accent color to put around black and white photographs or 3D art.

I also love dried flowers, Im terrible at keeping flowers alive but dried flowers are beautiful, good smelling, and completely low maintenance.

IMG_8878 IMG_8881


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