I Caught Horrible Mommy Syndrome.

I Caught Horrible Mommy Syndrome.

I’m sick.  I feel disgusting.  My head feels pretty much like my almost step daughter’s volcano in science class, right before it erupts.

My brother is getting married this weekend and I’m a bridesmaid.  All I can think is that I need to get better or this will be absolutely miserable.  But of course my number one concern is keeping my daughter from getting the same terrible sickness that I have.  Both because i love her and can’t bare to see her miserable, and because she is in the wedding too!

Well. I now know what this terrible sickness is that I’ve caught.  I have horrible mommy syndrome.  As a result of truing to keep my sweet P from getting sick, and being miserable myself, my little one has spent most of the day in baby jail!

My poor P is so good about baby jail (also known as her pack n play).  She rolls around and makes her little noises, grabs for her toys.  But at less than 6 months old you have to be SO careful because everything you do could mold your child.  So what if I ruin her personality because I spend a whole day barely holding her?

I’m sure thats not likely, but when I feel sick all I want is to cuddle my angel, and its the only time that I really can’t! That’s just ironic and unfair! 

I can practically hear her thoughts screaming out, “play with me mommy!”  And then she coughs… oh no. That’s when my heart stops.

Stop breathing. Sit as still as possible.  Listen close.  Is she sick or is it an innocent cough? How is her breathing? Do I hear any sniffles?

If shes sick I can cuddle her, but that is so not worth it.  

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