How Much Fuss is Too Much Fuss?

How Much Fuss is Too Much Fuss?

Weddings, babies, birthdays.  People love to celebrate!  But how much celebration is too much celebration?  When does it switch from harmless fun to annoying, selfish, over celebrating?

When I was pregnant with P we had a family baby shower, a friends baby shower, and a gender reveal party.  That may seem like a lot of celebrating, but we tried to do it as tastefully as possible.

Everyone kept insisting that they wanted to come to our baby shower, and we have so many friends in so many different groups so we wanted to find a way to include everyone without having a baby shower the size of a wedding.  We also didn’t want the boring traditional shower.

I had a vision of a cookout with corn hole and beer, but i still wanted it to be a baby shower.  So my friends threw us a coed shower to top all coed showers! It was a laid back outdoor party in September.

And since we didnt want the party to get out of control busy (even though we ended up having around 70 people there), and we knew some of our older family favored a more traditional celebration, we had a smaller but still amazing traditional shower thrown by our mothers for just the female family members.

As for the gender reveal, I knew i wanted to share the moment I found out the gender of our baby with those closest to me.  So we opted not to see the verdict at the doctor and instead to have it revealed to us at a dinner surrounded by our families.  His sister went to the doctor with us and had cupcakes made by a family friend with filling that was pink inside!  

It was amazing biting into that cupcake and being in that moment with my guy, and then looking around and seeing everyone else’s faces!

I wouldn’t trade any of our celebrating for anything, but we did limit the gender reveal to just family because I started to think that maybe we were making life more about us than others probably thought were appropriate.

But then again, its one of the happiest things that will ever happen to us, shouldn’t we be allowed to celebrate as much as we want? Its not like we were asking people to bring us presents to every occasion.

That brings me to my upcoming birthday.  My brother and I have birthdays a day apart so we are going out with our friends the weekend following our birthdays.  Is it too much to then have a dinner with just family?? But if I do that I have to make it a joint dinner, which doubles the amount of people in attendance because I can’t leave out my sister in laws family?

I guess the biggest question is, who gives a flying monkey butt? 

Why do I insist on over thinking things?


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