How To Tell The World You’re Having a Baby

How To Tell The World You’re Having a Baby

It feels like the trend these days is to obsess over ways to tell people your news, but it has to be a way that far exceeds the way that everyone else tells theirs.  This trend spreads across a wide range of events; engagements, pregnancies, baby gender, new jobs, etc.

Of course, the biggest news of all is when a couple is getting ready to bring a baby into the world.  For most couples you wait and wait and wait until you are safely out of your first trimester.  You want to tell your loved ones first so that they aren’t shell shocked when the announcement goes viral.  In today’s world of modern technology, the second you put news like that onto the internet (most people’s preferred medium), its everywhere in seconds.  There are no second chances or redos, taking it down doesnt erase it from people’s minds.  You have to do it right the first time.

So much pressure, and by the time you’re ready to announce, so much anticipation.

Well, the reality is you’re probably never going to find an announcement that is both adorable and has never been done.  So the key is to find an announcement that most of the people in your immediate circles haven’t done and likely havent seen, and make it as much your own as possible.  For example, add your other children, use your animals, or use a piece of landscape that is particularly special to you.

The key is also to make sure that you don’t tell the whole world before you do your announcement! If you do that then no matter how great your announcement is you will be completely disappointed in the reactions of your friends and family simply because you lost the element of surprise! The more sudden–> the more exciting!

Some of my personal faves:

“ice, ice, baby” — pretty self explanatory, two bags of ice and a baby bump.

“im getting promoted to big sister or big brother” — where you use your eldest child holding a board or something saying that they are going to have a little brother or sister.

There are countless others…

Here was ours.


It was SUCH a hit! and really a surprise to a lot of our friends and families.

It came at the PERFECT time, because i needed to project the pregnancy in a positive way because I was getting so depressed, and because I was about to boil over from keeping it a secret!

Share yours if you feel so inclined! I’d love to see them!


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