To The Girl Who Decided To Tell Me How To Parent;

To The Girl Who Decided To Tell Me How To Parent;

Thanks for nothing.

We’ve all seen ’em, people who like to tell others how to run their lives.  Well it gets worse when you become a parent.  People all of a sudden want to tell you how to do everything.  Its one thing when you ask for advice, but when its completely unsolicited, it becomes so annoying.

Here’s a story about a college “friend” of mine who took this to a whole other level….

I posted a picture of my newly four month old daughter (at the time) who was eating cereal for the first time! It was a cute innocent picture that was meant to be fawned over by those who love her.  I started to get the typical “awww” comments, and then along came supermom.  

Shes the kind that makes her own cloth diapers, makes her child bandaroos, and breast feeds her one year old.  (There is nothing wrong with any of those things, just making sure you understand that she thinks that its absolutely her way or the high way when it comes to parenting.)

She commented advising me that children should not have anything mixed with their formula or breast milk until they are 6 months or older.  Now, at that point, while unsolicited, I read her comment as harmless and well meaning advice, until I responded telling her that our pediatrician had advised that anytime between 4 and 6 months is fine so long as they meet the requirements (My baby met all of them).  After I responded it became some sort of know-it-all battle.

Somewhere around ten of my friends chimed in, including 3 who have children above the age of 18.  Everyone’s pediatricians had seemed to tell them the same thing.  So then Dr. Know-It-All decided to tell us we were “uninformed parents,” which is just the absolutely most insulting thing someone can say to you as a mother.  She continued to tell us that pediatricians don’t study much nutrition, so they are simply all wrong.

She kept going, citing sources that she was citing completely incorrectly, I checked them myself.

My point is simply that it was fine that her son didn’t have food until he was 6 months, but I deserve the respect to make my own educated decisions about my own child.

MY own child.  Not hers. Gosh people really grind my gears.

By the way, my little P is 5+ months now.  She is considered advanced by her pediatricians. She sleeps and eats perfectly and will try her first vegetable tonight, so there’s that..


9 thoughts on “To The Girl Who Decided To Tell Me How To Parent;

  1. Oh my gosh, the mothers that annoy me the most are the ones that insist that pediatricians don’t know anything about X, Y, or Z. Never mind that it’s a pediatrician’s *job* to keep up on the latest recommendations for children.

    Most of the latest research, as heard from our ped and from my own reading, is showing that early introduction to solids (i.e., at 4+ months) is beneficial and prevents allergies.


  2. I just started feeling my boys when they were interested in food. My eldest held his mouth open when food was about at 4 months old, the youngest at 5 and a bit months old.

    Most mothers instinctively have an understanding of when to feed their child. I’m sure you’re doing a brilliant job. x


  3. Isn’t this the truth. I love to get advice, but those who like to just step on your toes like your a complete moron is just absolutely ridiculous. Its the same with people in public, oh you don’t like hearing my 3 yr old throw a tantrum and think he needs some light disciple. The second you do any disciplinary action your automatically abusing the child. Disciple and abuse are 2 totally different things. People really need to get their acts together and mind their own business. Unless the kid is bruised or bleeding shut the heck up!


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