Just a girl in a pizza parlor.

Just a girl in a pizza parlor.

If I want you to understand me, then I should probably tell you a story that will share a little bit about the life I led before I became somewhat domesticated.

There is this local pizza place a few of my friends worked at.  Its the kind of place where the people who work there know all the customers, and you can get away with almost anything.  Anyway, we used to go up there and drink free beer and eat free pizza, pizza that we made ourselves.  It was kind of a fantastic set up.

This particular night I walked in carrying a grocery bag with a box of two pregnancy tests inside.  I walked into the bathroom and I peed on a stick.  I peed on a stick in a public pizzeria bathroom.  Who does that?! Who pees on a stick in a pizza place?! Whats worse is that I then left that stick in a disposable cup in the bathroom without ever once looking at it.  I walked out and a minute or so later my friend walked in.

She came out with a serious look on her face and said simply, “Its positive.”  I started laughing, it was this nervous laugh, and I replied “Shut up.  That’s not funny.”  I panicked.  I grabbed my stuff and said that I had to leave.

I never imagined it would be positive.  I had taken so many tests before.  My friends and I had taken tests and had celebratory drinks afterwards.  Gone dancing.  I thought this would be the same thing.  Same song and dance.  I was so wrong.

I drove home where I found my boyfriend.  I crawled into bed and refused to speak to him.  He knew something was seriously wrong.  He asked me if I were pregnant and when I told him that I had taken a test I broke up with him.  I broke up with him! Who does that?! are you sensing a theme yet? A theme of totally ridiculous things that makes up my entire personality?

He refused to let me break up with him.  Instead he held me.

That was the night my life went from beer to babies.  That single moment in a pizza parlor changed the rest of this girl’s life.

It was February 6th 2014.


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